Annual Financial Report

The Finance Committee of St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic Community meets on a monthly basis to review the financial state of parish operations. It is also responsible for assisting the parish director in developing the annual parish budget, establishing and monitoring financial policies and practices, and providing the financial planning support associated with long-term capital projects, such as the development of St. Gabriel’s property and parish assets. The Committee is comprised of parishioners with various financial skills who have volunteered their time and talent in support of the parish.

The Finance Committee is also responsible for developing and delivering periodic communication on the parish’s financial state. The intent of such reports is to ensure parishioners have visibility to the parish’s financial health and to maintain awareness of the financial scope of the activities required to support a vibrant Catholic community.

June 30, 2013 Parish Audit Report

June 30, 2012 Parish Audit Report

June 30, 2011 Parish Audit Report

June 30, 2010 financial report

June 30, 2009 Parish Audit Report

June 30, 2008 Parish Audit Report

2006-2007 Annual Parish Report


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